Carmel Byrne, 2010

In the Forecast series I explore the relationship between land, weather, and climate. For this series of paintings, the perspective is raised into a more ephemeral space where weather and climate interact with and shape land.

In my painting practice I bury the grid deep into the ground of the paintings and raise the perspective to the space above land where weather and climate act to shape it. It is in the meeting of ephemeral action (weather patterns) and the dense material of land where I explore philosophical questions of existence.

I look for analogous connections between the material universe and the spiritual domain and explore the significance of the material in art as a transformative medium. A search for analogous connections in the modern abstract art movement and indigenous art, in particular Australian desert painters, led to the discovery of philosophical similarities underpinning contemporary Aboriginal art and the modernist abstract movement. This research has shifted my painting practice to a position where I can open out to more diverse possibilities in the depiction of rhythm and movement in landscape.

About Carmel Byrne

Carmel Byrne began her art studies with a Diploma in Fine Art at the National Art School, and went on to study for an Honours Degree at Canberra School of Art. She has recently completed a Master in Fine Arts with a thesis titled Above the Grid: Multidimensional Perspectives in Landscape, and an exhibition titled Forecast at Kudos Gallery, Sydney, July 2010. Other exhibition highlights have been selection for the Portia Geach Memorial Award, the Dobell Drawing Prize, and the Blake Prize and touring exhibition.

A constant theme throughout Byrne's work has been the idea of landscape as the context for unfolding human existence.

Apart from her own painting practise, she also manages Scratch Art Space which consists of studios, gallery and a project space in Marrickville, Sydney.