Summer Blind

Sue Pedley, 2011

Sue Pedley is an artist of place. She forges links within and between places, to bring attention not only to the specific and perhaps overlooked qualities of the place we might be standing in, but also to the relationship … to other histories, cultures and power stakes.

Cyanotypeis a photographic printing process developed in the 19th century for copying architectural plans, astronomy maps and botanical specimens. The cyanotypes are made by exposing paper treated with light-sensitive emulsion, directly to sunlight or to ultra violet light.

The exhibited cyanotypes are photograms which record the shadows of everyday objects and materials as a means to experiment with time, light and space.

About Sue Pedley

Sue Pedley is an artist whose concerns are to develop a processed based approach; to explore alternative ways to experiment with different materials and their relationship to place; and to reformulate basic elements of time/light and space.

Sue Pedley has a Masters of Fine Art from the College of Fine Art, University of New South Wales, Sydney (1997); she has also studied at Sydney College of the Arts, University of Sydney (1989); Stadelschule, Frankfurt, Germany (1985); and the Tasmanian School of Art (1984).

Sue Pedley has undertaken residencies and projects in France (1985), Germany (1985), London (1995), Vietnam (1997, 2007), Japan (2006, 2011), China (2011), Sri Lanka (2000) Canada (2007) and Tasmania (2011). Recent exhibitions include Copper Ships at the Tin Sheds Gallery, Sydney (2011), Blue Jay Way, Heide Museum of Contemporary Art and Penrith Regional Gallery Lewers Bequest (2007); she has also been an invited participant in Setouchi International Art Festival (2010) and Echigo Tsumari Art Triennial (2006) in Japan. Sue has recently exhibited at James Dorahy Project and is currently collaborating with Reiko Sudo at the Tokyo Wonder Site in Tokyo.