Somewhere Blue

Marie Schlederer, 2012

Marie Schlederer’s unusual technique produces engaging and ethereal paintings which are primarily aimed at motivating and inspiring the human spirit - a goal they achieve in refreshing and delightful ways. Through the repeated applications of thin layers of paint, Schlederer imbues her canvases with a sense of movement and depth.

Describing humans as “vibrational beings,” the artist states, “Colour and images affect our emotions, health, energy levels, beliefs and experiences. I want to inspire people to see themselves and the world from a whole new perspective.”

Indeed, Schlederer’s body of work is characterized by its hypnotic use of color and textures as she develops painted surfaces reminiscent of Rothko’s color field paintings. Warm and luminous hues blend seamlessly into one another, as Schlederer visually narrates the energy that she feels “at an emotional level.” Her paintings invite viewers to join a visionary journey into a sensory dimension, guided by their visual, emotional and vibrational responses.

About Marie Schlederer

Marie Schlederer is an Australian Artist based in Sydney. After spending several years running a graphic design business, Marie is now established as an Artist, creating individual abstract works of art.

Inspired to create paintings for people which offer them more than pleasure and visual appeal. Marie’s art is not only intended to add colour, movement and design to living spaces, but is art that offers inspiration and motivation, tapping into the heart and soul of the viewer.