Pink Moons

Alexander Poulet

About Alexander Poulet

Alexander Poulet completed his Bachelor of Fine Arts with First Class Honours at the College of Fine Arts, UNSW.  He received the Kudos Award for emerging artists in 2011 and was added to the Deans list in 2012. 

Poulet has been painting since birth alongside father Peter Poulet but also creates performance videos. Poulet once tried to sell himself on the streets of Beijing. Later, he replaced milk in supermarkets with his own breath and played a pokie machine from dawn till dusk as a way to meditate on a culture he saw as transactional rather than benevolent. As an emerging performance artist he performs ‘actions’ that invert perceptions related to trade, production, politics and sexuality. 

Poulet is influenced heavily by his surroundings and aspects of landscape, place and the human experience. These environments are abstracted and emotively expressed in performance videos and painting through saturated colour and natural forms. All these elements are worked with until the composition "feels right".