Light Spill 3

Therese Kenyon, 2007

The paintings in this series developed from finding a bundle of discarded architectural magazines in which the processes of renovation were documented.

The artist makes reference to the practical tools of construction; the scaffold, the grid, the ladder, to convey the human presence and the labour and skill needed to create changes in our environment. These works lead to further questions; How were the spaces vacated? Were they abandoned and desolate emptied spaces or expectant, decluttered and inviting, with potential for the future?

These found images provided a possible metaphor for the pleasure of being in a state of flux or alternatively, the disquiet of a period of uncertainty and transition.

In these paintings light is the key to creating the theatrical atmospheres of interiors going through the process of transformation. Light penetrates dark spaces or illuminates large bare-walled apartments. A blast of light can define and at the same time make an image ambiguous.

Photography Geoff Hirst.

About Therese Kenyon

Therese Kenyon MFA, is a Sydney based artist and curator and a member of the Ultimo Project Inc.

She was the former Director of Manly Art Gallery & Museum. Prior to that she was the Director of the Tin Sheds Art Gallery and Art Workshops at the University of Sydney.

As an artist she has participated in many solo and group exhibitions both in Australia and Internationally.

She is currently a candidate within the PhD program of the School of Art at the Australian National University, investigating water as subject and the cross cultural influences between Asian and Western art practices.