Ana Pollak, 2012


Flux is a hand drawn film made from over 1000 drawings. Each drawing was photographed on a stills camera then stored onto a computer. Then the drawings were edited together. The making of the film involved a series of synaesthetic transformations, where sound was interpreted into images and then back into sound. Flux began as a response to Arvo Part’s music composition "Lamentate" and ended with a minimal soundscape being created by Micheal Harding in response to its moving drawings.

Full format details: High definition B & W digital film, stereo sound on a custom made USB in a hand bound and signed portfolio of a limited signed edition of 60 with a 5 page fold out of stills from the film and a certificate of authenticity.

About Ana Pollak

From 1977 - 2005, Ana Pollak has followed her interests in the arts, environment and community. During this time she taught sculpture to blind children, created short animated films, co-ordinated environmental campaigns on the Hawkesbury River, carried out public and community art projects and went on extended drawing trips throughout Australia with her companion David Collins.

Since 2006, Pollak has concentrated on drawing. The awarding of the Dobell Prize for Drawing in 2007 allowed her to work full time on her drawing. Her most recent work, Flux, is a film that brings together the irregularity of the hand drawn mark with digital technology.