Fabrication #7

Judy Marsh

About Judy Marsh

Judy’s most recent paintings,Aperture # 1 to 5, were produced in 2013, and in this series she attempts to distill her observations of how we inhabit enclosed environments and experience time within them. Based onrooms frequented or encountered over time they reflect an atmosphere of stillness and neutrality, which is intensified through reduction or elimination of chromatic and tonal contrasts. In Apertures time seems suspended and memory frozen in a single frame or moment in time. Materially the paintings are sufficiently tactile to invoke a sense of physical presence and touch while the picture surface works as both boundary and intermediary between the spaces within and outside of the image.

Earlier works include a series of paintings produced in the late 90’s called Fabrications # 1 to 7. The paintings use composition to engage the attention whilst condensing the content with minimal expressive means. Ostensibly based on a flux of cloud forms, reductionist strategies are employed to encourage the gaze to oscillate and thus propose an ambiguous relationship between form and space. Similarly in an earlier series ‘Autonomous Objects’, exhibited at Artspace in 1986, the artist explores the possibility of an ambiguous relationship between an object and it’s opposite (space or emptiness), balancing the apparent assertiveness of matter against the necessity of doubt, and invoking uncertainty in the viewer.

Judy has lived and worked as an artist in Sydney since 1982, exhibiting in group and solo shows in commercial, institutional and artist run galleries.  Her work is represented in prominent art collections such as Artbank, the University of Wollongong, Illawarra Institute of Technology, Century Raddison Hotel and numerous other private collections. She has taught extensively in Fine Art in regional and metropolitan Art Colleges since the late 80s, and since 2000 has been a teacher and coordinator in Painting and Drawing at the Sydney Gallery School, Meadowbank TAFE. She holds a Bachelor of Arts (Visual Arts) degree, awarded in 1982 upon graduating from the City Art Institute (now the College of Fine Art, UNSW), and in 1989 gained a Graduate Diploma in Adult Teacher Education at the Institute of Technical and Teacher Education, Sydney.