In Due Time

Gavin Pili, 2012

Background: A series of portraiture that explores the idea of birth, life, death and mortality. It aims to document a person’s state of mind at the time of the photo session. I set out to capture this moment in a single photograph with the hope of telling a story that would invoke an emotional response from the viewer. Process: I used a basic studio set up - one main light source, a black background and sometimes with a reflector or diffuser to add texture or depth. The idea of sculpting with light on a simple background enabled me to create dramatic images without the complicated technical difficulties often encountered with multiple light sources and staged props.

About Gavin Pili

Gavin has a background in finance and real estate before finding himself working into the creative arts and eventually delving into fine arts. His broad experience in the fields of fashion, web and print media, and jewellery and object design and manufacture led to him to start his Fine Arts diploma in 2010. He is currently undertaking his Bachelor's in Fine Arts degree at COFA majoring in photography - working on both digital and analogue photographic process, time based art, moving pictures and projection.

Gavin has numerous experiences exhibiting his works by way of group shows and competitions, and has received recognition on his work in the field of applied arts. He explores ideas combining sculpture and photography in his works whose subjects are mainly architecture and people. His fine art prints are produced in a limited edition of 100 and come with signed artist authenticity cards.