Daniel Craig

Rina Freiberg, 2012

“Faces communicate so much without a word being spoken. Emotion, intent, our origin, history and character radiate from our faces. Faces can tell stories, true ones and false ones, happy and sad ones. Sometimes we cover our faces, fearful we may give away too much.

Asking, “Who am I?” and “Who are you?” They remind us to ask: what does a face show us and what is it telling us? Or perhaps: what is it hiding? Sometimes in a crowd we see a face and want to know more. Rina’s faces affect in the same way, they linger on the visual palate; intriguing and captivating, daring us, inviting us, to taste more. These are faces that individually and collectively command and commend us to see more and learn more.” 

About Rina Freiberg

Visual artist Rina Freiberg creates paintings that exhibit a unique and intuitive style. Many of Rina’s works focus on faces. Faces that can be recognised as familiar, nostalgic or dreamlike and above all, as individuals. These are faces that draw the eyes of the viewer to their eyes. Nuanced tilts of a head, languid postures and always expressive features give each work an individuality that brings them to mind long after they are seen.

Rina’s brush strokes are strong and bold, lines are powerful and unconstrained by space. Colour is an obvious passion for Rina. Dense blacks intensify shadows and enhance the placement of colour. She uses vibrant colours to highlight contours and features, bringing individuality and character to each face. It is this spectacular use of colour that animates these faces and makes them appear to lean forward off the canvas seeking our indulgence and acceptance.

“I am often asked where the faces in my work come from. I don’t have an answer.

I started drawing faces when I was sixteen. I started painting faces at twenty-one.

I draw faces everyday and I draw faces in a way that makes sense to me. I don’t know who they are. I don’t think about it. It is not important. Deciphering the face is the first language we know as humans. It is the ultimate language.

Science says that we never dream faces that we have not seen in real life – and I wonder whether the same is true for faces that I paint.

My art is impulsive and very reactionary.

There is no planning in what I do. Face after face satisfies me. I just allow it to happen.”