Botanic Gardens / Superman 3

Clyth Hoult, 2007


I work exclusively in oil. It can take a few days to dry between applications but this can be good thinking time – planning for the next stage in the painting. … There is always the temptation to assign meaning to the work of artists, but some, like me, resist this as much as possible. The real reason I paint lies in the love of putting colour onto canvas, and the smell of the paint.

About Clyth Hoult

Clyth Hoult has had two previous careers, as an audiologist and in business, before commencing a career as an artist in 2003. Hoult trained at the Sydney Gallery School, Meadowbank TAFE and subsequently took master classes at the National Art School in both painting and drawing. Her work is held in both private and corporate collections and her recent exhibitions include The Australian Korean Year of Friendship exhibition in Seoul and the Glebe Art Show.