Borromeo horse and wolves

Geoff Levitus

About Geoff Levitus

Working across several media including painting, drawing, sculpture, digital photography, video and installation, Geoff Levitus’ work has had at its core a concern with identity and sense of place. It ranges from a metaphoric exploration of landscape in the earlier work to more recent investigations of cross-cultural connections, some of which refers to political and environmental concerns.

He has travelled extensively over the last ten years, working in Italy, France, Spain, Greece, Morocco, Chile, Bolivia, the US, India, Cambodia, Laos, China and particularly Vietnam. His work is also characterised by an investigative approach to the use of different media and ranges in style from the representational to the abstract. While this may be unsettling to those wishing to see a continuity of approach, it typifies Levitus’ need to find the appropriate medium to express his concerns, which could be whittled down to being a search to express our basic humanity, or lack of it, and the things which connect us, which can range from personal relationships and beautiful decoration to the horrors of colonialism, war, environmental destruction and greed. He often uses seductive surfaces to draw the viewer in to discover other layers with different meanings.

Geoff Levitus has an MA in Visual Arts from the City Art Institute (now COFA at UNSW), has had residencies in Vietnam (Hue and Hanoi), the Cite Internationale des Arts in Paris, and the New England Regional Art Museum, has had over 20 solo exhibitions in Australia and overseas, and has work in several public collections in Australia.