Artefact 910804/2

Jana Hunt, 2011

Artist's Statement:

In my work, the subject matter is found in the ordinary and the everyday. The real subject matter however is the need to convey a certain the mood that attracted my gaze in the first place. In the end there needs to be a transformation of the subject in order to convey the emotional engagement that I felt.

My practise encompasses both drawing and painting; the two inform each other. When I draw I consider blocks of tone and when I paint I draw with a brush. I seek to convey to my audience something of the experience or feeling that I have during the process of work.

About Jana Hunt

Jana Hunt's art practice encompasses both drawing and oil painting. She is currently working on her Artefact Series.
Jana is also currently working as an art tutor at Kur-ring-gai Art Centre and is a resident artist at May street studios.