Amplifier in Trolley

David Messer, 2012

Artist's Statement:

"Like many people, I find myself overburdened with imagination and the incessant need to create. These drawings began, initially unconsciously, as a reaction against this compulsion - to draw what I see before me rather than attempt overt self-expression. I have always been a great admirer of those artists who documented their times. Lautrec and Hogarth are  inspirational in this way, along with many others. I believe there is still a need for this kind of drawing, that one sees things when drawing that are missed in photography. Of course, one can never avoid self-expression, nor would one want to completely. These drawings can never be the truth, just the closest I can get to it."

About David Messer

David Messer is an acclaimed cartoonist, writer and illustrator who has contributed to numerous newspapers and magazines, including the Sydney Morning Herald, the Australian, the Age, the Spectator (UK) and the Courier-Mail. He has produced graphic adaptations of the works of Shakespeare, and has also illustrated many books including award-winning journalist and aouthor Malcolm Knox's 1788 Word's Or Less, the NSW Law Society's Why Should I? and Paul Clitheroe's Make Your Fortune By 40.