1957 Oh What A Year

Libby Hackett

Colour and fun are a vital part of Libby’s printmaking. Screen printing suits her love of postmodern and pop inspired art. The movie star “Memory” prints are inspired by her childhood love of watching “Golden Oldies” on the box. Birds are ever present in her printmaking, playfully helping to describe personalities as well as symbolizing our free spirits. These birds are represented by: The Magpie – High spirited, expressive, unpredictable, creative, brings hope. The Cockatoo – good natured, lover of harmony, sociable, life is good The Lorikeet – symbol of joy, wellbeing, human potential, beauty and creativity. The Peacock – symbol for beauty and immortality

About Libby Hackett

Libby Hackett is a printmaker, painter and glass jewellery maker.

She is tertiary educated in Fine Arts. She also exhibits in solo and group shows; which recently include The Blake Prize, The Fringe Festival and most recently a solo show at The Incinerator Art Space.