What is ArtLib?
ArtLib is a virtual art rental and sales site complemented by art savvy staff to assist clients in their selection. ArtLib aims to make art accessible by providing clients with the confidence to try and thereby support Australian Art. We encourage clients to choose the art they like and works in their space.

Our aim is to provide Corporate and individual clients with a cost effective way of renting or purchasing original Australian quality artwork for offices or homes and to make your engagement with art an easy and comfortable experience. (non-threating environment without the need to speak the arts language)

The ArtLib model opens up new potential clients through the “try before you buy” approach of renting or just lease and swap.

Who is behind Art Lib?
Isobel Johnston, Director and Curator has had a wide range of roles both as a practitioner and an arts educator for more than two decades and is the principal of Sydney Art Tours, that has been featured in leading world travel and lifestyle magazines such as Forbes and Vogue.

Ron Callus, Co Director, was an academic for over twenty five years and Director of a leading research organisation in the School of Business at the University of Sydney and more recently has been involved in managing several successful commercial businesses and start up companies.

How is the art at ArtLib selected?
All artwork selected for inclusion on the ArtLib site will be curated “quality” works of art from emerging and established Australian artists.

As a curated selection of works all the art in our collection has merit, whether it is by an established artist or an emerging artist, a rising star, a yet to be re-evaluated artist or whether its paint has just dried or it was made several years ago we stand by each of our artworks.

Our collection is only comprised of work, chosen to meet our exacting standards (put quite simply) it has to be a ‘good’ artwork. For us a ‘good’ artwork is not determined by any particular style or media but is a quality determined by the integrity of work itself.

Good art does not date but stands outside the push and pull of fashion, it holds our gaze: to provide a contemplative space, that can transport us, challenge us or inspire us sometimes all at the same time and it is these works we chosen to be part of the ArtLib collection.

Why is renting art a good idea for your business?
Renting from ArtLib, is a risk free low commitment option for businesses that want to add value to their public and office spaces, without the capital costs of acquiring the art work.

Original art creates atmosphere in public spaces that can complement the organisations look or brand, impress clients and raise staff morale.

ArtLib offers a cost effective and cheaper alternative to refurbishing or renovating a space. For most businesses renting (or purchasing) art will be a Tax deductable expense.

Why is renting Art a good idea for your home?
Renting from ArtLib allows you to decide if the art works for you, to have the option to discover and explore a range of styles.

An easy and non threatening way to get into the world of contemporary Australian Art

(A way to complement your furnishings) With ArtLib you can dramatically enhance your lifestyle and living space without the usual large expense associated with buying art, but with the flexibility of buying once you have lived with the (ART) art and finding that you can’t live without it.

How does ArtLib work?
It’s really simple.

  • Look through our on line catalogue and place it on the virtual wall to get an idea of what the artwork will look like in your actual space. Our virtual settings scale artwork to size and even allow you to see what the art will look like on different coloured walls.
  • If in doubt talk to one of our art consultants ( helpers). We can even arrange a visit and project your choices onto to the wall you would like to hang the art.
  • Finalise the paperwork
  • Arrange a delivery and installation time
  • Admire your choice

Who owns the art works?
All the art in Artlib’s collection remains the property of the individual artists during the whole rental period. If you buy the art it becomes your property.

What if I don’t like the work when it arrives?
Just call us and let us help you choose another art work and arrange the pick up and replacement and installation. All you pay for, in addition, is the delivery and installation of the replacement work.

How long is the rental period?
A minimum of 6 months on a renewable six to twelve month basis if required or the work can be purchased or simply exchanged for another work. (that is ongoing till you have had enough or want to buy or exchange.

How much will it cost to rent art?
Most of the art is available for only about $3 a day for a minimum of 6 months. Payment is quarterly in advance by EFT or Credit card

Can I buy the art?
Yes and if you buy within the first 6 months of the rental period your rental outlay comes off the purchase price.

Can I get some help in selecting works for my home/office?
Yes call and talk to our art professionals and if you like we can arrange a visit to your office or home and project your selections on the wall and see how it will look once hung.

What happens if a work is damaged?
All artwork is fully insured, either by your existing contents insurance policy or for a small additional charge by ArtLib’s Insurer.

How do I install the art work I choose?
The Delivery (will) can include installation by a specialist. In most cases this will be done with low impact hanging devices.