ARTLIB lets you buy, rent or swap the Art you like. We provide a cost effective and simple way of having high quality, contemporary Australian art in your office or home.

  1. Select an artwork from our online catalogue
  2. Tell us which work you’d like and how long you’d like to have it
  3. Complete the transaction and we’ll have the work delivered and professionally installed

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Welcome to ARTLIB.

A NEW WAY OF CONNECTING WITH CONTEMPORARY ART. Having art in your world has never been so easy, so flexible, so affordable or so dynamic. Be guided through our professionally selected collection of high calibre contemporary Australian art. All the artists in our collection have a professional standing, whether they are well established or just starting out, making the process of choosing good art easy.

Art can do much more than decorate a space, be it an office or home; it can move us to think, to feel and to be inspired. Share the passion of these artworks with those who share your life. Experience the freedom to experiment with different styles to reflect your tastes and ideals. See what it will look like in an office or home setting with our online software.

Artwork also makes good business sense. Art can reflect your organisation's look and brand and is a cost effective and efficient way of transforming an impersonal public space into an intimate and interesting domain. For most businesses the cost can be a tax deductible business expense.

ArtLib allows you or your organisation to demonstrate a commitment to Australian art and artists. For as little as $3/day you can have original, impressive art by cutting edge Australian artists in your home or office.

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